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Parents United
Orange County, Calif. Chapter

Child Sexual Abuse Incest and child sexual abuse affect more than one fourth of our population. Very few children are molested by strangers. They are more often molested by an adult who holds a position of authority with the child (i.e., a parent, step-parent, relative, baby-sitter or an older sibling).

Effects On The Child Sexually abused children may suffer immediate negative psychological trauma. Nightmares and phobias are common. Research indicates that if untreated, the long range effects of child sexual abuse may include: drug and alcohol abuse (70% of adolescent drug addicts were sexually abused); 75% of adolescent prostitutes were victims of incest; sexualy abuse is one of the three main reasons children run away from hom.

Effects On The Family When intra-family child sexual abuse occurs, parents frequently experience feelings ranging from shock and hysteria to anger, disgust and shame. Families are often unable to effectively deal with the situation which further adds to the child's trauma. Traditional therapy cannot begin to fit all the needs of the victims and their families. Knowing that you are not alone opens the doors to growth and healing.

What Is Parents United? Parents United is a non-profit organization with more than 90 chapters throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Parents United is dedicated to breaking the family cycle of sexually abusing children. Parents United offers group therapy for each family member, led by professionally trained therapists. Members are encouraged to receive one-on-one therapy as well.

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